As a small business owner it’s not easy to find time to keep records and keep your bookkeeping up to date.

Here are some accounting ideas to  keep on top of your accounting, which in the long term will save valuable time.dy.

1 Keep your personal and business separate eg a personal AND a business bank account

2 Make sure your paperwork is neat and tidy, there’s nothing worse than looking back on writing you can’t read or records you can’t find.

3 HMRC have deadlines, mark these clearly in your diary, this will avoid getting unwanted fines.

4 When buying items make sure you keep the paperwork i.e. receipts and invoices. These are the proof HMRC want to show you’ve actually bought the items.

5 HMRC have regular free webinar training course, put some time to one side and attend some of these, we can guarantee you’ll learn something useful

If you don’t feel you’ll have the time or knowledge for these tips, then that’s what we’re here for, we can handle it all for you and keep you organised.